◆ Corporate & Commercial Issue
  • Establishment and amendment of all types of company, branch and representative offices.
  • Handling all types of investment permission
  • Attending Shareholder’s and/or Directors’ Meeting and providing legal opinion
  • Acting as clients’ behalf to negotiate procurement contract/cooperation agreement and providing consultation
  • Planning and providing consultation to Company Ordinance, Employment Contract and Anti-competition clause.
  • Acting as client’s behalf to collect and negotiate debt issue
  • Legal analysis on other investment strategies and evaluation of legal liability。

◆ Foreign & Oversea Investment
  • Advising multinational clients on all aspects of investment in Taiwan, including tax and investment ordinance.
  • Providing advice on the establishment of all types of companies in Taiwan, including subsidiaries, branches, and representative offices.
  • Conducting, drafting and providing advice on due diligence report.
  • Providing advice on the employment of the foreign workers and acting as clients' behalf to apply for all aspect of permission regarding the employment of the foreign workers.

◆ Civil & Criminal Cases
  • The sale and purchase disputing issues of real estate.
  • Resolution of construction and settlement for contract execution disputes
  • Condominium property management fee disputing issues
  • Marriage and family issues
  • Motor vehicle accident and personal injury claims.
  • The web account and personal data infringement matters.
  • Transnational property fraud matters.
  • Insider trading matters
  • Other litigation related to the economic or commercial issues.

◆ Labor Disputing Matters
  • Providing consultation on Employment Ordinance
  • Drafting and reviewing employment contract
  • Reconciliation/mediation of labor dispute
  • Serving as the agent to initiate labor-related litigation.

◆ Intellectual Property
  • Filling of Patent and trademark application and dealing with the follow-up procedures thereof.
  • Strategies advising on patent and trademark issues.
  • Dealing with trademark and patent infringement.
  • Dealing with copyright infringement.

◆ Government Procurement Case
  • Providing consultation on Government Procurement Law.
  • Requesting for the contract execution disputes and submitting to arbitration.
  • Lodging appeals to suspended punishment cases.

◆ Others
  • Providing consultation on condominium unit owner assembly and attending assembly.
  • Planning estate and drafting will.
  • Providing lawyer witness service on contracting documents
  • Drafting legal attest letters and warning letters.