Intellectual Property
With rapid globalization and intensified competition in international trade, intellectual property, in recent years, has become one of the cost-effective means that right owners utilize to increase their competitiveness in the market and maximize their profit in trade. Our attorneys, IP managers and consultants have been advising on diverse IP related issues and working closely with clients to secure and enforce their IP rights in Taiwan, China and foreign countries for decades.

Intellectual Property: Trademark, Patent and Copyright
  • Trademark and patent search and analysis in Taiwan, China and other countries.
  • Strategic planning of trademark and patent applications in Taiwan, China and other countries.
  • Trademark and patent application, opposition, invalidation, revocation, renewal, assignment, licensing, annuity and due diligence in Taiwan, China and other countries.
  • Maintenance and management of IP database for domestic and foreign right owners.
  • Custom recordation of trademark and patent in Taiwan, China and other countries against the importation and exportation of counterfeits.
  • Reviewing and drafting contracts/agreements for trademark, patent and copyright.
  • Advising on the enforcement of IP rights against counterfeits in Taiwan, China and countries.
  • Counselling on dispute resolution and litigation strategy, and representing clients for IP litigation.

  • Establishment and registration of companies and factories in Taiwan; amendment and recordation of corporate and commercial particulars with competent authorities.
  • Advising on and processing of investment and establishment of companies.
  • Establishment of Offshore Company including Hong Kong, British Virgin Island (BVI), Samoa and other tax free countries/regions.
  • Establishment of companies or representative offices in China.
  • Strategic planning for foreign investments.

Pharmaceutical & Product Registration
  • Registration, renewal and amendment of nutritional supplements, food additives, medical devices and cosmetics.
  • Nomination and registration of chemical substances.